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1923 Washougal High School Annual

'Here is the 1923 Washougal High School Annual. To open it, click either here or scroll down to albums and click on the one that you want to visit. Then click on "View Slideshow". This is the easiest way to view. You can click II to stop the movement to the next photo, and…


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WHS 100th Anniversary Celebration DVD

The 100th celebration of WHS was a great success. Pam is in the process of getting the slide show/interview/evenings pictures and photo's from past WHS old timers alumni events. They will all be put into a DVD to purchase.

Place your order for this fantastic event with pictures from 1914 to present. Cost is $20.00 for pick up dvd, $25.00 for mailer & postage. Let me know and will add you to our list. Pam Clark pkcrafts@airspd.net

There is also an Order form directly…


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WHS 100th Anniversay Celebration DVD for sale

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1950, 1951, & 1952 Washougal High School Yearbooks added to site.

The 1950, 1951 and 1952 Washougal Highschool yearbooks have been added to the Washougal Oldtimers website at washougaloldtimers.ning.com. Thanks to Gloris (Kenyon) Miller (1952) for providing these annuals and to her daughter Lori Miller for scanning them. Simply scroll down to the Photo Albums Section to find.

Next will be the yearbooks from 1963, 64, 65, and 66, provided by Larry Altree ('66). Hopefully I can get these out by the end of the year.

Added by Eldon Stuhr (Class of '62) on December 9, 2013 at 1:30pm — No Comments

WHS 1915 Yearbook has been added to the site. Scroll down to Photos/Albums

There were 3 students from the 1915 Washougal graduating class, compared with 4 the year before. The entire year book will be posted within a few days. The resolution is quite good for the photos taken so long ago....and it is my intention to enlarge the image of the 3 graduating seniors, home in on and give Edith Pinn a meaningful kiss from 98 years after her photo here was taken. …


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Bill Walling (WHS '60) wows them at fashion show!

Here is Bill Walling (WHS '60) showing off his sartorial elegance at a fashion show at JC Penney's, on Mar 22, 1948 in Camas....from the May 27, 1948 Post Record. …


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Washougal Roxy movie theater 1947

Here is what was playing at the Roxy theater from Oct 16th thru the 18th, in 1947. I am certain there were some of our Oldtimer's in attendance. Click on See More to see Washougal's "Columbia Valley Advocate" newspaper's ad for the movie.…


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Junior High News (9-21-1944)

I was rumaging around in a basement storage room this morning and pulled out a box containing many copies of Washougal's own newspaper The Columbia Valley Advocate from the middle 1940's, and I was fascinated by how "hometownish" it was back then when there were so fewer people than now. I recognized so many people's names, and ads from stores that have not existed for many, many years.

Below is a small sample from the September 21, 1944 issue, with the Column titled Junior High News…


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Liane White & Bob Phillips (WHS 1947 Prom)

Marian Elvrum Martin pointed out that she thinks the couple dancing in a photo I had posted in an early blog from the 1947 Washougal High Prom is that of Liane White and Bob Phillips, and she is most certainly correct as the photos here confirm. I had incorrectly identified him as Loren Rho…


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    I remember the night like it happened yesterday. I was working on number 6 paper machine that night and Cliff was working on number 7. About 8PM we were both in between reels so I grabbed my lunch and headed for number 7 where Cliff was taking his break.

    I started eating my lunch and asked Cliff if he was ready for Christmas. He didn't say anything so I asked him again. He then told me that there wasn't going to be a Christmas at there house this year. That he had $17 in his…


Added by Harry Lively on September 7, 2011 at 7:24am — 1 Comment

web page magic

I found this web page 11 days ago, and as I'd moved away after grade school and didn't graduate there, I wanted to thank Eldon for this great site.  After chatting with him I decided to join, so I signed up last Saturday.  Sunday morning, even before I opened my approval, I had an email from Jim Morgan.  We'd been together since we were toddlers, and grew up together.  He and Judi just happened to be out here following his class reunion, and on Tuesday night, after 55 years, they were in our…


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Kaiser family


Chauncey Kaiser (my Dad) graduate 1938 moved to WY. in the early '90s to be near my brother Paul and his family (4 boys and 1 girl) Paul graduated from WHS in 1971. He was all sportsman for his class. He still can dunk a basketball. He has 7 grandsons and 6 granddaughters. He carries on the fishing tradition of the Kaiser family.

 Dad died in 2001. My Dad's parents moved to Washougal in the early 1900's.

Grandpa Kaiser established a barber shop with a laundry and baths…


Added by Doris (Kaiser) Tong on June 16, 2011 at 2:00pm — 2 Comments

Everyone from WHS should join this site

Eldon you are wonderful I love what you have been doing on this web page. I will keep the word going as for all the 300 emails we have for the WHS old timers they all should be members of this site.
Thanks for your work. Love Pam Mason Clark class of 64

Added by Pamlyn Mason Clark on October 26, 2010 at 9:38am — No Comments

I enjoy this website alot.. Eldon you have done such a tremendous job. I appreciate your work. When people I know that I haven't heard their name for along time it is fun to reminisce. I have enjoyed…

I enjoy this website alot.. Eldon you have done such a tremendous job. I appreciate your work. When people I know that I haven't heard their name for along time it is fun to reminisce. I have enjoyed the work on the different events that has happened. We have alot of neat people in and from Washougal. I especially appreciate the class of 63 as they have taken in my husband like he is one of class of 63, ( he is from South Dakota). He knows alot of the people as I am bad at names.. He remembers… Continue

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Pinky White - Washougal Barber and Bone Chruncher

Jacque had her last Chiropractic appointment at about the same time that I had my last haircut and I connected the two with an old memory. I recall that Washougal barber Pinky White cut hair and also worked on aching backs. He would have someone in the chair working on his hair ....and talking, when someone else would come in with a pained look, and say something semi-privately to him. Pinky would motion to a back room door behind which the two would disappear. Snap, Crack, Pop and back he… Continue

Added by Eldon Stuhr (Class of '62) on January 10, 2010 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

Leo Blodgett Passes Nov. 9, 2009

Our former teacher, coach, principal, superintendent and friend Leo Blodget passed away on November 9th in Vancouver. Dick Schaefer (class of 1955) called my attention to the attached obituary appearing in the Vancouver Columbian, which would be of interest to all of those who knew and cared for him.

Click on the orange "Leo Blodgett Passes Nov. 9, 2009" or the orange "continue" to open and enlarge the obituary.…


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I first met Cliff about 20 years ago when we were, for a short time, both members of the Washougal Lion's Club. I ran into him again, some years later in the Showboat, an establishment in Camas/Washougal that sold alcoholic beverages. We talked over a couple of beers and he shared some of his story. He grew up in the Bay Area of California. After finishing school there, he entered the service, returned afterwards to the Bay Area for a short time, and then migrated north to this area in the…


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My Memories of WHS People I Didn't Know

I recently undertook the job of providing the address labels for the mailings of the Washougal Oldtimers. When I first saw the list, I was struck by how few, of the roughly 1100, that I knew. The ones that I did, were pretty much limited to those in my class of '62, and from the 3 preceding and following years. I also could recognize some names from the classes of my sisters in and around 6 to 8 years earlier than '62, mainly from having looked through their high school year books many years… Continue

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Memories of Washougal

Blogs are very popular these days. It seems as though all of us have something to get off of our chests, but for the most part, until now, we haven't had either the nerve to shoot off our mouths or the forum in which to do it. The Internet has changed all of that. Now, depending on where we want to post, we can command a large audience, a relatively small selective one or in the case of the Washougal Oldtimers site a very small one. In this latter case, there are a number of factors that… Continue

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Author Gary Shaw - WHS '59


Gary Shaw, Washougal Class of 1959 is in the process of authoring a set of 6 books, titled The Eric English Chronicles, set in and around the Camas-Washougal area from the early 1960's through the present. I have attached a file that he sent me prefacing information about the books as well as introducing and relating a little about the main characters.... Also included is an outline of the happenings in the 19th Chapter of Book 1 intended for the  publishers. It is not the chapter itself. Here now is the author. Click on the orange to open.

Dick Schaefer (WHS '55) has written a new book that he has published on Amazon. Its' title is The Final Conflict, and a download to your Kindle is available for $4.99. If you do not have a Kindle, a free Kindle application is available for downloading to your PC that will allow you read the book on it.  Simply click on this link to get to Dick's book:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AJB3SD6

Here is a brief synopsis of the book.

A small town man is thrust into 11 days of conflict over Christmas of 1972, against the best air defense structure ever faced by strategic bombers to achieve President Nixon’s "Peace with Honor" exit strategy against North Viet Nam.
This is the Viet Nam "12 O’Clock High" told from the standpoint of the crew force flying the mission: telling the TRUE story----not the written history documented in the archives of the Strategic Air Command.

Dick informs me that his earlier book Mill Town is still available by mail for $15 including shipping from his address. Scroll down to the bottom of this main page for more information.


Well liked teacher and coach, Bob Poffenroth, at WHS in the 1950's passes.

Started by Eldon Stuhr (Class of '62) Dec 25, 2015.

John Woodman Tribute 4 Replies

Started by Eldon Stuhr (Class of '62). Last reply by Tim Woodman Feb 12, 2014.


Click on orange Washougal News link to go there.


The following has nothing whatsoever to do with Washougal senior alumni or nostalgia. It is a small widget that connects every 10 seconds with a random webcam across the world. Some will work, some will not, but when they do, they work well, delivering real time moving images of sights around the world.
Simply click on the lettering name just below the image (not on the image itself as that will open an ad) and the webcam will open in a new larger window. It may take as much as a half minute to begin but when and if it does, it can be very rewarding....it does require a Java application which, if you don't have already, will be offered as a download right then and there.....it also works better with the Firefox browser than it does with Internet Explorer.

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