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We're the Washougal High School Senior Alumni

February 5, 1942 ~ March 11, 2008
~ In Loving Memory ~
"To live in our hearts is not to die."
We love you and miss you ~ your loving family and friends.
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Love you, Babe, and I always will. There will be no one like you and life is upside down. Until we are together again, you are always in my heart. You ARE my heart and soul. ~Your Loving and Heartbroken Wife" Jan Woodman (Vancouver, WA)


John, Even tho you have been gone for 3 years, we feel your presence often. We still grieve for you, but we also share many wonderful memories to celebrate the life we spent as a family. Watch over us until we meet again. Love, Diane


Diane Woodman,

Vancouver, Washington


For those of us who remember John from our days at Washougal High School and later, he was a fine person, a wonderfully quiet and friendly personality, and a great sportsman. We honor and remember him again today on this the 3rd anniversary of his passing.....and as does his wife Jan and the rest of his family miss him...we do too.

The Washougal Oldtimer's



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I remember John as Les's little bother. They both left this world too young.

As did their younger brother Mike from my class of '62 who passed away in 2006.

When I was in middle school, I remember Les becoming something of a hero to us, when he climbed over the high fence surrounding the Camas pool and took a late night swim. 

John A McDowell said:

I remember John as Les's little bother. They both left this world too young.
OMG! Sorry, I didn't know Mike had passed also. I remember playing football with Les in Highschool. If I remember right, he intercepted a pass and was running past our bench pumping those long arms and legs when his knee knock the ball out of his hand and an opposing player caught it in the air. It didn't matter as we usually won big anyway. Didn't mean to hijack John's obit. It's just a funny thing that happened.

miss you brother. see you up on the mountain your brother Tim

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Author Gary Shaw - WHS '59


Gary Shaw, Washougal Class of 1959 is in the process of authoring a set of 6 books, titled The Eric English Chronicles, set in and around the Camas-Washougal area from the early 1960's through the present. I have attached a file that he sent me prefacing information about the books as well as introducing and relating a little about the main characters.... Also included is an outline of the happenings in the 19th Chapter of Book 1 intended for the  publishers. It is not the chapter itself. Here now is the author. Click on the orange to open.

Dick Schaefer (WHS '55) has written a new book that he has published on Amazon. Its' title is The Final Conflict, and a download to your Kindle is available for $4.99. If you do not have a Kindle, a free Kindle application is available for downloading to your PC that will allow you read the book on it.  Simply click on this link to get to Dick's book:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AJB3SD6

Here is a brief synopsis of the book.

A small town man is thrust into 11 days of conflict over Christmas of 1972, against the best air defense structure ever faced by strategic bombers to achieve President Nixon’s "Peace with Honor" exit strategy against North Viet Nam.
This is the Viet Nam "12 O’Clock High" told from the standpoint of the crew force flying the mission: telling the TRUE story----not the written history documented in the archives of the Strategic Air Command.

Dick informs me that his earlier book Mill Town is still available by mail for $15 including shipping from his address. Scroll down to the bottom of this main page for more information.


Well liked teacher and coach, Bob Poffenroth, at WHS in the 1950's passes.

Started by Eldon Stuhr (Class of '62) Dec 25, 2015.

John Woodman Tribute 4 Replies

Started by Eldon Stuhr (Class of '62). Last reply by Tim Woodman Feb 12, 2014.


Click on orange Washougal News link to go there.


The following has nothing whatsoever to do with Washougal senior alumni or nostalgia. It is a small widget that connects every 10 seconds with a random webcam across the world. Some will work, some will not, but when they do, they work well, delivering real time moving images of sights around the world.
Simply click on the lettering name just below the image (not on the image itself as that will open an ad) and the webcam will open in a new larger window. It may take as much as a half minute to begin but when and if it does, it can be very rewarding....it does require a Java application which, if you don't have already, will be offered as a download right then and there.....it also works better with the Firefox browser than it does with Internet Explorer.

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